Data Story Overview

For my data story project I compared Google search trends for veganism compared to vegetarianism. This comparison is interesting to me because, since I first became vegan three years ago, I've noticed a gradual shifting in society on the opinion of veganism and I've seen nearly complete acceptance of vegetarianism. I wanted to know how my anecdotal evidence matched up to actual search data, and how far back this trend went.

Here are some articles exploring the rising popularity of veganism:

The articles all talk about the same rise in veganism I have witnessed. More and more celebrities and influencers have become vegan, making it mainstream. The articles also give some statistics on the rise of vegans in the population, one stating the number of people in the U.S. identifying as vegan went up by 600% in 2017. They also discuss the association with the rising threat of global climate change, which often pushes people over the edge in their decision to become vegan.

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